Ameba is an upcoming detective adventure set in Madrid, Spain; an immersive criminal drama in the form of a western-made visual novel featuring full-screen, high-resolution 2D artwork.

Players will control veteran cop Hugo Smirnov in his obsessive quest to find the truth about what he feels were covered up murders, closed under false pretenses. His powers of observation will be the key to success as well as the reason why most of his work mates still don’t fully trust him.


Retro Sumus is a small development team located in Spain.

We are professionals in different fields who got together to revisit genres and concepts we felt were underused, or not explored in depth back in their time. This may include old-school arcade shooting action, tech gimmicks from the 16-bit era, or an updated, western take on a typically japanese genre, like the visual novel adventures…

Because, really, why not?

Contact us: info [at] retrosumus [dot] com

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